Starting in 1977, Bill Gummo started preparing his family and neighbors’ income tax returns as a favor. When he went into the Army in the fall of 1979, he continued to prepare tax returns for his fellow servicemen at no charge. When he left the military in 1983, Bill returned to work at the glass factory where he had been employed before joining the military. From 1985 to 1987, Bill took advantage of the education benefits available through the glass factory to attend a business school where in the spring of 1987, he received both a degree in Financial Accounting and a degree in Business Management.

Bill continued to prepare tax returns and represent taxpayers at no charge until he formed Hermit Inc in the spring of 2003. He had realized that in order to cover the rising cost of his ongoing education, he would need to reluctantly start charging for tax preparation. He then created a division of Hermit Inc called ‘Hermit’s Income Tax Preparation & Accounting’ and along the way became licensed by the United States Treasury Department to prepare federal tax forms and to represent taxpayers before the IRS. Bill is presently enrolled in ‘Enrolled to Practice Before the IRS,’ or an Enrolled Agent (EA) for short. By taking on this role, he is committed to getting his clients a fair deal under the rules of the Internal Revenue Code.

In addition to the required education that an EA is required to acquire every year to maintain their license, Bill attends classes and seminars on a myriad of subjects ranging from agriculture, human resources, computer software, food service, electrical and construction trades, forestry and conservation, and anything else that may have some connection to tax preparation or other interests. Ultimately, Bill is a dedicated professional who ensures that your return is prepared correctly based on our knowledge and your information.